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Report thank Vlad Q-95 (Belgorod), who did a great job on the analysis of the versions of ZC JDM motor and installed it myself.\nSooner or later most Hondamodel thoughts about the swap of the motor, especially if the machine has liked, but good D14A3\D14A4 pretty tired, and want something bigger. Articles about choosing ways to improve I already wrote that it is better and worse. Most of the D series motors collect D15B 3-stage, but the D16 motors are not less interesting. Consider the ZC series closer.


What is a ZC motor?

ZC is a sub-series Honda engines installed in cars in the period 1984 - 1995 Japanese domestic market JDM. The basic models were the Civic, Domani, Integra, CRV, and CRX of course. ZC on the engine block closest to the series motors D16, which is essentially its prototype.\nSeries motors are ZC was manufactured as cylinder head SOHC and DOHC (Two camshafts) certainly was a series ZC VTEC (D16Z6 brother). ZC DOHC is the D16A8 and D16A9 are the same. ZC DOHC in injector performance had a capacity of 125 HP, while at the same time ZC DOHC with a carb had a capacity of only 105 HP. Thats about what the advantage of having a distributed and nastraevaemye injection. Conventional ZC SOHC NonVtec closer to D16Y4 120лс.

Comparative graphs of the JDM ZC motors of different models

comparison charts of the JDM ZC motors various models


ZC DB6: Specs

In stock this motor has a horizontal manifold type D16Z6 but with the oxygen sensor in the plastic intake box, 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, cast iron, with a one-wire oxygen sensor on it. Atomizer with a volume of 190-180cc and D14, respectively, is also a pairwise-injection in 2 channel — 1-4 and 2-3. 120лс at 6200 rpm and about 140нм of torque at 2500 rpm and 5800 rpm (see curve on chart above). 9.5 compression pistons P2E (with a plate 3.32, -7.4 cc).\n

comparison of the PM3 pistons and P2E from ZC

Comparison of PM3 and P2E pistons from a ZC


To the practice of installing ZC

Have dorustilavat Civic D14 with brain SFI type or P3X P3X, these brains have only two chips. The best and the \"lazy\" choice for the swap is the engine SOHC the ZC 120 HP with a horizontal inlet manifold from Honda Integra DB6 (1993-2001). The idea that all wiring and connectors from the brain DB6 ZC fit under the D14, we can only change the brain P3Y-P3X on P76, replace the distributor and leads to increase injectors and MAP sensor and IAT sensor. All sensors are identical, that ZC that D14. The ZC motor is from a CRV more strangled
If the ZC came with an automatic transmission, just remove a donut and clutch and replace them install the flywheel from D14. In the end, the starter you have from D14. The installation of ZC engine will not cause a problem, maybe the motor gets up on regular pillows Honda Civic. Please pay attention to drive, maybe even everything falls into place, but for example, there is a feeling that the drive D14 is shorter than ZC, as after installation of domestic pomegranate drivers side is slightly sloped to the inside, nothing wrong with that.


Connection electronics

As you know the engine spit remains from native D14, all the sensors are connected normally. the Pinout of the connectors ZC P76 in any case, SFI is also suitable for D14. Yes, and the Immobiliser may not affect the replacement of the brain, your key will be loyal to you. It is not necessary to leave the home P3X brain, it is designed for a capacity of 1.4 and not as under 1.6. The mixture will be bitter poor, what can cause damage.
On a native ZC intake manifold there is a temperature sensor, but like the D14 installed in the baffle box. But since the intake manifold was replaced from vertical to horizontal, the lengths of wires on 1 and 2 cylinders is just not enough.
the Generator varies in D14 and D16. In one case, the connector 3 wires, the other 4 wires, if you know the transition please assist, otherwise, just leave the native generator from D14.


the Last line in the Assembly

The best solution is to find a horizontal duct, but if not you can install a filter of zero resistance. This idea is so bad that it needs to be cleaned (it SHOULD!). Plus you will need to make a hole under regular temperature sensor IAT. If you got a stock ZC duct, you should know that a regular mount for Honda Civic it will not rise, since the corrugation is slightly shorter. since the throttle is now on the other hand the stock accelerator cable D14 will be long, of course you can leave it, but I would recommend to take short accelerator cable as for the CRX ESI D16Z6 shorter from CRX.

engine compartment Honda Civic with SOHC ZC installed

engine compartment Honda Civic with SOHC ZC installed


the Price issue, 2013

The motor went for$ 600 dollars,$ 200 for shipping all equipment, 75$ ECU P76, 75$ intake manifold. Plus oil, antifreeze, filter another$ 100. In General, the price of the kit swap ZC gets 1000$, which in principle can be compared with the price of the overhaul D14 in the service or friends.



the $ 1,000, it turns out you can install a motor with a 120 force with huge potential. I guess when reading the specs youve been paying attention to the words 190сс, SFI, SOHC. I would replace the injectors on the 240, would put any OBD1 brain (Even P06) and the split gear. Adjusting the injection system, I think you can get a very decent result. Well, if you get serious, you can raise the compression ratio with the replacement P2E pistons, e.g. on a PM7 (PM). ZC SOHC is a very good start with great opportunities, I remind you not a vowel motto Honda — easy to do with a hundred liters per atmosferica.



Vlad Q95 expresses gratitude for assistance in his project Michael Bobenko, Dmitry Naumov, Ivan Naumov, Alexander Shevchenko and simple earrings. You have to think about the work done, now there is another path to increasing the power on the vegetables of the series D.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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