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One of the frequent questions that I encountered when communicating on the forums — the size of the front wipers and rear rubber strip


Standard sizes for catalogs Honda

Size driving a rubber strip of 50 cm.
The size of the passenger rubber strap: 45 cm.
Size strip on the rear window: 37,5 (but most put 45 cm).


the producers

The first wipers I bought a Honda Civic was — the horse. Categorical a negative review. Winter gum dubela, just -5 degrees and everything — the creaking has gone. Second, once I was driving in the winter slush at zero temperature, and at a speed of 70km.h I have to go off actual plastic strips that horse. The driver of the strips was broken. Metal empty leash 7 times managed to scratch me a mark on the glass.
Fortunately it was near the Auto shop, I bought new windshield wipers. The wipers had a Korean, said that the original is a Hyndai and both 50cm. In a year of using them I realized that the passenger janitor should be 45cm, and is clearly made of rubber which does not harden. Are divorces.
Now I installed the Champion EasyVision. A little strange, but very durable mount. The soft rubber. I will run in. Expensive of course, feedback will unsubscribe in a couple of weeks.


advice from hondamodel

Driving the rubber strips can be set 55 cm, a passenger is not recommended to install more than 45 cm — cuts to the gum side of the windshield.
Do not forget that on the website there is a page useful part numbers and of course customer reviews at the manufacturers of spare parts.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

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