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Very often I hear that huckster stitch a single chip 29c256 500-1000R. Sad. the MiniPro Programmer , universal parallel programmer memory chips from Chinese company AutoElectric got me in his hands. As you know parallel programmer for EPROM and EEPROM 27c256, 29c256, 27c512 type PicProg from the company Phyton, have not produced. The analogs are of the order 200-300$. The problem is not the price, and the connection via the LPT port. First LPT port now you will not find , especially on laptops (but you need the car set up).Windows 7 works with LPT only at the level of the printer, or simple iron keys, and the old universal programmer she just does not see, therefore, to use PicProg need to get DOS.
MiniPro programmer models TL866, TL866A, TL866CS it is a programmer the size of a pack of cigarettes, working only from USB, and this means that it can be used for laptop, it does not need extra power. the Driver programmer support the latest version of Windows 7 Vista, x32 and x64, respectively. The software support about 13000 chips (full list of supported chips). The most famous model is the programmer MiniPro TL866CS is ideal for firmware Honda Civic OBD1 memory chips AT29C256, ST M29C256 and the entire family. The programmers price MiniPro 30-50 $of dollars that will agree is a reasonable price for this type of devices. In Russia all sorts of speculators sell the device for $ 100-150. The program interface is simple MiniPro, the latest version at the moment 6.13.

Universal parallel EEPROM programmer, MiniPro TL866CS

Universal parallel EEPROM programmer, MiniPro TL866CS


Files for the generic programmer

Main window MiniPro

Main program window MiniPro


working with the programmer MiniPro TL866CS

If you are programming only the memory chips 27C256, 29C256 and like the need to learn a couple of buttons. First before first connection programmer, you need to install a program, the installation may ask do you trust the company Beijing KaiXin ShengZhou Technology, boldly answer Yes. Next, connect the MiniPro programmer to computer by USB cable and wait for device detection Windows (10-20 seconds). After you run the installed program MiniPro Programmer (MiniPro.exe).
Now for programming memory chips, the programmer must specify your eeprom chip. To do this, in the top menu, select the second tab Select IC (S) from the drop-down menu, select Search and Select IC (S). Opens a new dialog box with the choice of chips by make and model. For example for example M27C256 SGS Thomson (ST).

the Dialog box for selecting memory chips

Dialog box for selecting memory chips

In the dialog box in the first column, find the company ST for chips AT (Atmel). In the second column, locate the model M27C256B, only in the case Dip28. Dip28 is the name of the corps from 28 feet that is used for the brain Honda OBD1 ECU P28, P08, P30, P72 and so on. After you select the chip, click Select.
For the record — open the firmware by File(F)->Open(O), In the opened window select the file format Binary, load Type to Normal and click OK. Install the required chip into the socket, the chip key, the first leg, the notch on the chip in the middle should be directed from the LEDs closer to the socket wrench. Further, from the top menu, Device(D) select Programm(P) . From the opened menu, click Program. the do Not remove the chip from the socket until you complete recording the program on the chip. Remove the circuit with the running program, and the programmer is connected only then when there is recording, reading, erasing, or verification.
the To check firmware, to know that the chip recorded exactly what you wanted, choose from the top menu, Device(D)->Verify...(M). In the menu, click Verify. Suggest do a check after each write firmware to the chip. Just as when writing, the chip not be removed from the crib ! To save the firmware program memory, press File(F)>Save(S);
the read firmware to top menu Device(D)->Read...(R). In the menu, click Read. Just as when writing, the chip not be removed from the crib ! To save the firmware program memory, press File(F)>Save(S) and selecting the name and location of the firmware — keep it.


Edit firmware

the Programmer MiniPro TL866CS is write-only or read-ready firmware — the image of the chip. To edit firmware Honda Civic use the Crome, Neptune and the like. Although the program has a Hex editor for byte-by-byte changes to the structure of the program.
The programmer is certainly a good thing, but still need a wideband lambda for tuning, definitely. Plus, every time you to change only one parameter will have to turn off the machine, remove the chip, change the firmware to record and re-run. Easier, but more expensive, would be to use Demons of memory or additional controller AFR.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

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