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As you know from Civic diseases, the most important issues are the rear arches, zhor oil, water in the trunk. But there are still a small question, but very common, Im talking about the problem of sailing idle speed and too high speed when the engine is running without load.
The engine speed swim or jump at idle — this means that there is stability of engine operation without load, refers to the gearbox. Lets warm up the car, put the transmission in neutral, and see on the Rev counter as the arrow starts to jump 1000-1500, 2000-2500 rpm, if you have the muffler torn it even notice the neighbors. There are turns to jump begin immediately after plant, it happens that jump after a bit of warming up. But when you engage gear, that is, when the appearance of the load, the speed normalized and fall in the Honda Civic, to put 750-800 RPM. Consider the problem is not stable engine speed details.

the Bouncing rpm at idle Honda Civic

the Bouncing rpm at idle Honda Civic


Put the conditions of the problem

First discard immediately option when the engine has been replacement brains or firmware, these guys problems with the idle speed should not be, since it may not be, but it is separate. As an example, is considered a stock Honda Civic 5 or 6 gen, banner or standard intake manifold, and valve idle IACV or RACV, and all sensors MAP.

bottom valve of the twentieth, at the top of the adjustment screw of the twentieth, the right locking screw of the ear. Inside the black ring of soot.

bottom valve of the twentieth, at the top of the adjustment screw of the twentieth, the right locking screw of the ear. Inside the black ring of soot.


the Cause and resolution for high speed

If, after some rework on the intake manifold or throttle, such as the replacement or cleaning Karklina, adjust cables, gas and automatic transmission, you have raised the rpm, it is probably air intake. After install VTEC I replaced the choke with a D14 and D16 on the first problem at startup was just the turnovers on the neutral, they immediately jumped on 5000.
\nThe first thing I did is took off the throttle cable and kickdown, I can drag and \"rotatable ear\" throttle not fully closed.
\nSecond, an increased but stable high speed, like I said — air leak, maybe the butterfly flap is not until the end is closed for other reasons. Rotatable ear in the closed condition rests on the calibration screw, which you can use to set idle. Do not try to twist at all, since the spring for the throttle valve calculated at the closing of the throttle is not 100% and a little more, that is, without retaining bolt throttle calibration of the ear does not stop at the point of closing and passes and opened again. I removed the throttle and transmission \"butterflies\" regulate the gap.
\nThird, I had an old throttle body that I cleaned that was a mistake. On the engine off, I opened the throttle to 90 degrees and saw ring of carbon inside the throttle and on the edge of the \"butterfly\" of the throttle. Carbon deposits caused by not of the proper operation of PCV valve, not allowed to close the throttle. Carbolineum and cloth or sandpaper fine grit, I removed the ring of carbon, and purified the edge of the butterfly throttle.
\nFourth, in the left side throttle has a screw under a flat-bladed screwdriver, this is screw air, also a kind of setting idle. Lets say you have the throttle fully closed as to operate the engine at closed throttle unless the air in the right quantity? Need the bypass channel of small diameter with adjusting screw. Adjustment screw closes the channel. I cleaned the channel removed the choke and clean \"by eye\" found the middle position, and later when the engine was running I already have calibrated more precisely and put the same 800 rpm idle.
\nThe fifth reason the sailing idle speed may not be correctly matched, or torn throttle body gasket. In 15-20 years, the throttle body gasket was wet, sometimes had bad isolation, and the result was one more way of air suction into the engine.

Throttle back, you can see the channel for air leaks, clogged with soot

Throttle back, you can see the channel for air leaks, clogged with soot.


Intermediate result

Five precinct I quoted above, this solution is practical for most cars, not just Honda Civic. This is a rough setup — base. Providing conditions for operation of the engine at idle. All this will save you from high revs at idle, but not from the floating revs. The reason for the floating revs is valve idle IACV or RACV.


the Distinction IACV and RACV

up To 6 generations, and used the IACV (Idle Air Control Valve) in later models was already RACV (Rotary Air Control Valve). The difference RACV IACV and the method of overlapping the air (of another channel). Used in the IACV solenoid plunger which when energized closes the channel to the desired value, through the ECU commands. RACV works like a water faucet, it has a swivel mechanism, turning mechanism result in a better overlap of the channel to the desired number of degrees. Agree that overlapping channel with diameter 0.5 cm, more opportunities will be with the phase rotation, rather than with a consistent overlap.


Causes and remedy of the floating speed

Youve eliminated problems with the throttle and the intake manifold, adjusted the tension of the wires and screw the air suction at the transfer included with an assistant. But in neutral the revs still jump. The reason, is not working properly, or dirty idle valve.\n\nIn this and in the other valve, due to external contamination, and is particularly serviceable system of ventilation of crankcase gases or not the right choice of cleaning products type of water from the tap with soap and water (and it was), the mechanisms of soot or other compounds that block the internal channels of the turn. Metal burrs can also appear in the course of operation of the valve. Therefore, carefully dismantle the valve, clean the stem and collect back. In the end, the movement of the valve should be easy as the movement of the working bearing. By the way on the axis of the RACV, there are two bearing, which in the case of destruction will need to replace
To check the valve RACV, you can measure the resistance between the middle and extreme contacts. If the impedance of 20-25 Ohms then the \"controller\" work, you only need to clean the mechanism is Idle. If there is a cliff, a very high resistance, the valve will need to be replaced.

Cut the valve RACV D14, it is seen that coolant passes through without \

Removed the valve RACV D14, it is seen that coolant passes through without \"braking\"


Why do I need to pass coolant through the valve, idling

The coolant circulating through the valve, idling Honda Civic, have two functions. The first active feature: in any of the RACV valve-IACV have a thermal element, whether a thermistor or a temperature sensor. He is involved in feedback setting the valve clearance idle speed. Higher the temperature, the smaller the gap is.
The second function is passive. As you know any force element type solenoid at a constant voltage begins to warm, the coolant circulation takes away the excess heat from the power element preventing overheating.
The first time, after replacement intake manifold, from vertical to horizontal, I left the throttle from D14 and not hooked up the coolant circulation. To be honest I noticed no difference in the year of active drive. Neither winter nor summer.


Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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