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Its time to talk about memory. The same chip that is soldered into the brain of a P28. First clarify the question \"is it Possible to flash my brain for obd0\obd1\obd2\sfi?\". I will answer You categorically — no!. \nWill eliminate ignorance. The situation is, there is a charge of motor control, hes Brain-the ECU-the ECU-PCM and so on. It is the processor. Rather, the microcontroller is when\ntheres a processor, and around the different \"instruments\" still standing — peripherals (e.g. I / o ports\vyod, Wi-Fi\LCD\RAM\ROM, etc.). And all this in a single housing. For example, the microcontroller of the modern cell phone is out of memory, the CPU \nmodule Wi-Fi, IRDA, BLUETOOTH, GSM may. It also integrated the control of the display and so on. OK, you know what a microcontroller. Now look at the cost P28.

working area installing a new chip 29C256

working area installing a new chip 29C256

The main active \"face\" is a microcontroller M66207. His memory is a ROM (Read Only Memory), memory read-only. Ie this chip\nprogrammed at the factory and started up in the series, I dont think it will flash. It made for cheaper production, well, even for protection.\nNow, most of the microcontroller has access to external memory. Here is part of the same series 29c256 chip. You set the same external\nmemory and resistor J1 how would you tell the processor \"Hey, stop reading what you have inside, read what is on this chip\". Once the CPU at startup\nsee the jumper on J1 then immediately starts to read the firmware from the external memory. All that are sealed near the chip, it is binding. The conditions to make it work properly.\nChip 74HC373 is the case. Exactly, she is responsible for clear reading of data from memory. Well, its the complexity.
the point is that the OBD1 brains have already finished boarding\nplace, it only remains to solder and use. This took advantage of the fans. It became popular, and now only looking for OBD1 when you want to reprogram and reconfigure the machine.\nBut if you look, these things can be used in absolutely any other type of ECU. For example there is an article where a man was able to reprogram OBD2. He stupidly wypal old chip\nconsidered with him the program, understood. Bought new exactly the same chip, flashed it with new software and put it back. Its all in the knowledge.

29C256 — is a series of ROM chips. A persistent storage device, ie when the power is off, the program is not erased from the chip.\nThe marking 29 is the type of the chip, then the letter in English, and the nominal volume. 256 это256КБ memory organized as 32768 words by 8 bits. \nIf the marking is something like 15PU or 12PU indicators of housing type, and record access time. You need 28 Nogaja a chip, in the case of DIP — ie the one that is soldered into the Board.
The smaller digits of the access time the better, but if no choice then will have to take anything. Usually when I go to market I try to find the max chips. Usually it happens before the series designation, is a brand or firm. \nEspecially common Atmel, STMicroelectronics and WinBond . Accordingly, their designation will be AT29C256, W29C256 and M29C256. Not long ago I found another SST27SF256.


Series 27 27C256

EPROM, Electrically Programmable Read-Only Memory — to make it clearer to translate word for word. Electrically programmable read-only memory. Is disposable, and reusable. Now carefully read.\nI said disposable and reusable. Its essentially the same chip. Factory make memory. It is clear, for example, has eight cells, for example, 0000000. It is written data. for example 11001100. To erase it\nimpossible. If you try to say not to write 00010001 then youll have 11011101. That is, the cells are not reset to 0. If you flash this chip 2 times you can just throw her out.
\nIt was a disposable memory, the other (also 27С256) on the case has a glass window through which is visible the memory cells. Works as a simple 27C256 but it has one difference. If the window is open, and it is supplied by UV rays:\nfluorescent light, UV lamp, electric welding, the cells are restored to zero. ie erased. And you can record again, the main thing that the window was closed at the time of entry. To check that all cells are erased, read the firmware\nand see that she is in Everywhere has the same value, either 00 or FF.
Not long ago, one of my acquaintances told me a story. I sent him the firmware file, a friend went with her to the workshop where he quickly found the programmer and the 27C256 chip with a window.\nHe recorded and gave. But the window is not closed before flashing. You know what happened? firmware started to live my life quietly in different memory locations to change. So be careful.


how to erase UV-ROM (27C256), at home

All these methods are harmful for the eyes for sure. You need strong Ultraviolet radiation, and 15-20 minutes of waiting. The harder, the faster. For example, resistance welding gives a very hard UV, just leave about welding the chip. Im serious. If the same plan more or less \"civilized\" way, get an electric shop lamp for disinfection &mdash the so-called \"germicidal\". For example 8 W model Philips TUV 8W G8 T5 length 30cm. Dont forget to buy the fasteners and the throttle, the store will tell you how to run it. After 20 minutes your UV chip under the action of Ultraviolet radiation must be cleaned. of Attention! It really is harmful for eyes and skin, human and animal, do it in the box or room where no one. And I advise you not to get involved in frequent erasing, the resource stability of the chip ranges 10-100 times. Look at the IC series 29. About them below.

M27C256, memory UV window, be careful

M27C256, memory UV window, be careful


Series 29 29С256

EEPROM, Electrically Eraseble Programmable Read-Only Memory — a new word ERASE, which means \"clean uninstall\". This type of memory before writing new information, cleans the cell electrically.\nAll programmers support this type of memory is able to work with that. Consider that its like a USB memory card. The brain itself is not a programmer and write something in memory cant. I use the AT29C256 and what you want.

AT28C256, can Also be used instead of the 27C256

AT28C256, can Also be used instead of the 27C256.



Series 28C256 can be used for chipovka Honda Obd1. I dont understand what is the difference in this series 28 from 27. The same disposable memory, but with a different arrangement of the legs. Unlike 27C256 1 and 27 foot and WE swapped the A14. In order to use the chip after recording, you must bend the appropriate leg soldered to it for the wiring and follow the cross with the right foot on the crib of the chip.


Replace: 27C256 or 29С256

These chips are the same, just a series of ROM 29 has the ability to clean and overwrite, so you can use and change them for their needs. Of course only when the power is turned off.



As you know that disposable 512KB EPROM memory company WinBond. In the works it occurs only once, if you want to read the firmware. Is it possible to use it in return 256KB? They say that you can just record need to\nnot with the addresses of 0000H and 8000H. I myself have not tested it, can not say anything.

Mugen Power? I dont think so.

Mugen Power? I do not think so.


Super chips!

On the Internet, like EBAY auction you can find ads about that for 10$ you can install a MUGEN chip that will give you your car\nadditionally, a bunch of horsepower. Moreover, this chip is so versatile that no matter what engine and what spec as a whole. The main thing that got into 28 Nogay bed.\nGuys, each firmware is customized individually for each engine. This is a common chip with unknown firmware, most likely some runoff from the reduced point of VTEC\nthe increased flow rate, and removed the bugs (to keep fit). Such things can make any person who has a chip programmer, and a sticker. Someone you need\nsuper chip giving 110лс logo TYPE-R, just$ 20 your D14A3 will be like a real B18C. Im kidding, be smarter!\n\n\n\n
have I Answered all the questions?


Quick action, updated

a Little to the development techies, suddenly appear thoughts from someone on the development. And so to the external memory we put the 29C256 which is proud of the label \"fast access to memory 70 NS\". That is, the access cell is at least 0,00000007 seconds, that is about 14285715 times per second, and specifically 14.3 MHz. The minimum clock frequency to work with this \"fast\" mamatu need the CPU to 14.3 MHz. That is why the Moates Demon Atmega128 uses the CPU to emulate memory in quartz which is 14.7 MHz.


Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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