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Without a torque wrench in repair engine nothing to do! The tightening torques in the repair of Honda Civic, very important. Honda engineers figured for each bolt and nut in the car a moment. Tighten by hand until a crunch is not necessary. First you can break any bolt and get it will be extremely difficult. In the second warped cylinder head will obviously skip the oil and coolant. In the Honda Civic, like any other machine, use a different tightening torques from 10 Nm to 182нм and even more, the bolt of the crankshaft pulley. Suggest to buy a powerful torque wrench, powerful and good, with click to achieve the moment, do not take switches. And last, all compounds which are composed of one element (disk, cylinder head, cover) are tightened in several stages from the center outward and zigzag. So, in order, are all described in Nanometers (Nm). Dont forget to slightly lubricate the threads with oil or copper grease.

Example of a torque wrench, the price is 50-100$

Example a torque wrench, the price is 50-100$


the Data points fit for all D Series D14 D15 D16. Not tested D17 and D15 7 generation.

\nthe the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the
the cover Bolts cylinder head10 Nm
the bed Bolts cylinder head 8mm20 Nm
the bed Bolts cylinder head 6mm12 Nm
cap Nuts connecting rod32 Nm
the pulley Bolt camshaft 37 Nm
Bolt crankshaft pulley182 Nm
cap Bolts out of bed D16 crankshaft 51 Nm
cover Bolts to the bed of the crankshaft D14, D15 44 Nm
Bolts and nuts attaching the oil intake 11 Nm
Bolts oil pump11 Nm
Bolt to the drive Board (AT)74 Nm
Bolt flywheel (MT)118 Nm
Bolts oil pan12 Nm
cap Bolts crankshaft rear main oil seal 11 Nm
Sensor mounting pump coolant12 Nm
Bolt generator shackle bracket (from pump to gen)44 Nm
bolt tensioner pulley timing belt44 Nm
the CKF sensor Bolt12 Nm
attaching Bolts plastic timing covers10 Nm
attach a sensor to the VTEC cylinder head12 Nm
Bolt oil pan (wide strip), tube44 Nm

tightening torque of head bolts

On earlier versions, there were only two stages, it is too late 4. an Important it is Advisable to stretch the bolts and in General to work with threaded connections at temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. Do not forget that you need to clean off any liquid and dirt from threaded connections.So, preferably after each step to wait for 20 minutes to remove the \"stress\" of the metal.
PS In different sources are given different numbers, such as 64, 65, 66 NM. Even in the original references for different regions, write here average or at the most acquaintances.

the tightening Order of cylinder head bolts, crankshaft bed, bed Cam

the Procedure for tightening the head bolts, crankshaft bed, bed Cam

  • D14A3, D14A4, D14Z1, D14Z2, D14A7 — 20 Nm, 49 Nm and 67 Nm. Control 67
  • the
  • D15Z1 — 30 Nm 76 Nm 76 Control
  • the
  • D15Z4, D15Z5, D15Z6, D15Z7, D15B (3Stage) — 20 Nm, 49 Nm and 67 Nm. Control 67
  • the
  • D16Y7, D16y5, D16Y8, D16B6 — 20 Nm, 49 Nm and 67 Nm. Control 67
  • the
  • D16Z6 — 30 Nm 76 Nm 76 Control
  • locknut setting valve clearances d16y5, d16y8 — 20
  • \nthe
  • locknut setting valve clearances D16y7 — 18
  • the
  • Banjo bolt fuel hose d16y5, d16y8 — 33
  • the
  • Banjo bolt fuel hose D16y7 — 37

Other tightening torques

  • Nuts on the wheels 4x100 — 104 Nm
  • the
  • spark plugs 25
  • the
  • Wheel nut — 181 Nm

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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