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I hope that will be enough enemies and allies in this article. I only ask before the next review read full story. This is a trial article on the subject for discussion is in defense of the \"cheap\" kapitalka engine. Under cheap capitally engine I mean the replacement rings, caps, and all related gaskets during repair without removing the engine. No need to sharpen cylinders and change the piston size under repair.
the Easy cheap repair the engine on their own on consumables goes up to$ 400. Full kapitalka 0.25-0.50, adds approximately$ 100 to bore and hone, 60-300$ new piston (Honda, Teikin, Autowelt), plus additional work for the removal of the engine and the connecting rods pripressovki (of pistons).

Of course with the full repair of the engine purely on materials and workmanship, at a price of$ 1000 raises the question of whether to complete repairs on D14 (and this is 75-110лс). Contract motor D15, D16(ZC), though it is not clear the state will cost 300-600$, B series worth 1500-2500$. With sell your D14 You can pull 100-300$. I know people live who changed its eating oil the motor on a contract motor, and motor wedge a week after the swap. Its not the bike.

Ring of the piston, Shpargalka

Ring of the piston, Shpargalka

the Size of cylinder engine D series 75mm. This means that initially, the cylinder has a diameter of 75mm, and the radius, respectively, at all points of 37.5. Over time, the \"nature\" of the work of engine wear becomes ellipsoidal, that is, along the X-axis radius becomes greater than Y. of Course, Y also changes but less important than X.
The first repair size 0.25 this means that the diameter of the cylinder 75.25, and the radius at all points should be 37,625 mm. That is a difference of 0.125 mm, we should not assume that it is very small and it can be neglected. This is not true. But while talk further.
Now the average mileage for Honda Civic 6th generation about 220000-250000 km, already have of course units 300000км mileage. That is about 13000км per year. In most cases, the engine has not been opened, and ring has not changed. By this time begins to increase Jordan oil. Increased wear rings with oil starvation (Honda wont kill it, and without oil can), or if the ring was samakovlis, and not fully working — lay down.
However, on a personal and friendly experience, most engines are D series, in particular, D14 and D15, on the measurement of the cylinder has not reached oversize to wear 75->75.25. Yes, of course, almost all engines had the ellipse, the roughly x=75.08 and y=75.14. Very rarely some of the dimensions came to repair, or the more passes it. If it still happened then of course no options — boring, a hone, new piston. If you plan on boosting the engine, then there are no options, only a complete repair. And you will forget about the engine for so long, of course with proper maintenance.

But if you plan to stay in the drain to 150лс (atmosphere, VTEC, Nintendo) to move in the city and highway, and not on the ring. If you are a student and you have no equipment for removing the engine in General if you just want to remove the feed oil and then for a long time to go without any problems, then there is no crime in simply replacing the rings and caps. I know a dozen guys who are just replaced the rings and happy as an elephant. Ply between Minsk and Moscow, engaged in a taxi all day in the city, generally live in the car. Live, fresh rings after break-in (up to about the first oil change) working perfectly.

Measuring lock rings on the piston probe

Dimension lock rings on the piston with a feeler gauge

OK, lets say its all nonsense am I wrong. Open any book Honda Civic 1992-2000. Find \"the gap in the lock piston ring\", take the second thickest ring.

  • nominal value: 0.30-0.45 mm
  • the
  • Operational value:0,70 mm

You can measure the clearance ring lock in the middle of the cylinder (maximum wear) at both positions (x,y), and 90% of the value of the lock does not go beyond the nominal (working) values , it is often approximately 0.42-0.44 (for 200000км mileage). Not to mention the operational values that are critical 0.7 mm.
Of course, if you approach the issue more globally that work should be carried out in almost sterile conditions, with special tools, edit and replace all that is possible to change the ear color, in General, approach to repair very carefully. If you go the manual for sure, you need to change all the bolts because they stretch. But it needs a huge money and time. My choice is still the fast replacement of rings with associated strips, a weekly check of the engine, the presence of liquids and leaks. And this is why this type kapitalka, far more economical than replacement of the engine.
In an extreme case, if the hon \"little\", but there is still an opportunity to remove the engine, then about $50 you can try to put the hon. Of course 100% and you will not put, but very very good update any of the cylinders without replacing the pistons themselves and boring the block ($400 savings).
But the choice of course is yours. All! Can throw tomatoes. But I also hope every negative review is backed up by practice, because my words have gone through several years of the industry, Im not always sitting at the computer, and things such as micrometer, tolerance, fit, quality, nonius, the calculation of the coefficient of thermal linear expansion of metals and alloys feel a little familiar.



Then I casually mentioned the hon, and of course needs to explain what hone a cylinder, or hons engine. First honing — is the process of coating cross-cuts on the entire inner part of the cylinder. Actually hon is a special head which is produced in the process, but let the hon will now be called a \"result\" on the surface of the cylinder. No hon (mirror) no makinoi film, and so is more rapid wear of the rings. If very roughly to explain, its finest cutting left and right thread inside the cylinder (forgive me, guru). Done on the machine with special heads — Hones.

a typical view of the hone and the honing process

types of hone, and honing process.

Real hone on the cylinder walls Honda

Real hone on the cylinder walls Honda

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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