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If happened that, during the capital repairs of the engine of Honda Civic, you need to rastakat cylinders to oversize — we have to change ourselves and the piston. D series Honda engines is 75.25 and 75.50 mm. Respectively, when repressing the fingers of the connecting rod raises the question — what piston which company to choose for Honda, after boring the cylinder. The question of the choice of the piston is a separate issue, for those interested I have prepared table piston Honda and even a separate article about YCP Vitara pistons.
If you choose a stock piston then you need to decide on a firm. On the market most common are 3 candidate suppliers of the pistons. Of course its OEM Honda, next is a Japanese company Teikin and the German company Autowelt.

Teikin vs Autowelt, by a representative of pistons on the market

Teikin vs Autowelt, by a representative of pistons on the market

So happened that at the same time, I got 3 sets of pistons are all the same model — flat PM3 oversize 75.50 (D15B/D16A). Please tell about price of new Honda piston cost from 50 to 300 dollars 1 thing, that is, a set would cost 200-1000 dollars. The kit includes a new piston Honda thumb 19mm, but does not include rings.
Kit pistons Teikin 38146 0.50, cost me $ 70 4 pieces in the box were the fingers.
A set of 4 pistons Autowelt PN-35030, at a cost of $ 120, the box was pins and rings Autowelt the necessary size. Below are detailed photos of the sets and Autowelt Teikin

Kit Honda PM3 pistons Teikin

Kit Honda PM3 pistons Teikin

Kit Honda PM3 pistons Autowelt

Kit Honda PM3 pistons Autowelt


Comparing pistons

Because of the difference of the price Teikin and Autowelt, the latter was more expensive, I was a little freaked out. The company Teikin pure Japanese, their quality has long proved a good quality of its products. with In the Honda should be TTT (Three T) — Teikin Piston, Teikoku Piston Rings, Taiho.
The company Autowelt though based in Germany, but in fact is not a direct manufacturer of some parts. The quality of the parts keeps the rating from 2 to 5. I use in your engine not the first year , the intake and exhaust valves for Autowelt cylinder head D16Z6, not yet bent and not burned.
But now we are talking about the pistons and their quality. Mean piston both firms are the same, the difference is \"in the details\". Piston company Autowelt different more than a rough casting more \"rough\" surface. As you know from a master class with engines, one of the improvements — polishing the pistons. Of course on a stock engine you will not notice the difference this \"detail\" that affects the end result.

More thorough treatment Teikin not visible to the naked eye

a More thorough treatment Teikin not visible to the naked eye


The second that I caught my eye is lack of technical holes oil channel for a finger of the connecting rod. A good lubricant ensures a good and long lifespan.

Oil channels are on OEM Honda pistons all the years on this Autowelt operation skip

the galleries are on OEM Honda pistons all the years on this Autowelt passed operation

The dimensions of the pistons of both companies saw that the bottom of the piston Teikin 1.5 mm thicker piston Autowelt. And this means that Autowelt though, and easier, but is prone to burning. XB kit Autowelt was my rings, but I though the experimenter checked but ordered rings oversizeTP Rings (32376-050).

For all measurements except the bottom of both piston twins.

all measurements except the bottom of both pistons twin brothers.


Personal opinion

Of course from a technical point of view, Teikin much better, for the production of the piston is used more than the exact equipment, you use more technical operations. The same oil channels in the piston skirt is made with multiple cutters. Piston Autowelt can be used in engines not to force, as seen above, many small details add up to one minus. No, of course Autowelt you can use, but if you have the opportunity to take the alternative to take it.
The piston in fact it is injust blank on the finger of the connecting rod, the main work is done by piston rings. So needless to say that Autowelt is bad with rings TP or Riken Rings (OEM Honda) gives a very good and reliable host that I used without remorse.



Some information to compare PM3 pistons-0.50

the \nthe \nthe \nthe
Weight, C.253240
Overall height, mm60.561.0
bottom Thickness, mm5.74.5

where can I find infos about the OEM piston?

it So happened that I thought about the article only at the end of the work, and under the hands was not Honda PM3 pistons and the possibility of their capture. The only thing I can say that Teikin much closer in quality to the original, perhaps even surpassing it in some nuances. The size, the thickness of the bottom, the weight of all approximately similar. The difference in treatment, piston PM3 D15B2 from that was in my hands was founded in 1992 and even earlier, the difference in the production of felt. Therefore, the procedure of choice for quality Teikin, OEM, Autowelt. Dont forget the weight of the pistons, do not overheat the rod when repressing and be careful. And then \"kill\" the engine of the Honda will last longer.

Download the catalog Teikin pistons Honda\Download the catalog Teikin 2013 (mirror Teikin.com)
Download catalog Honda pistons Autowelt\Download catalogue Autowelt

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

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