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When I (Dodo Bizar) got the car with a D14A3 engine with 75 HP, a lot of people said \"the Car will not go faster.\" Seven years later I was able to disprove and prove that people were wrong. 1400 cubes is only 200 less than the B16A2 engine which gives 160 strength in the drain. My goal was to get 100 HP (power) per liter, in the end, I got 145 forces. Im getting close, and with the help of my friend (known as Spawn) and engine D15Z6 I did it in 2007, the result was 150.3 HP with 1493 cubes! My own car got 103 HP per liter in January 2008, HURRAY!


more Details

In December 2004 for the first time I changed the intake manifold on the engine D14A3 Civic hatchback EJ9 body. In the spring of 2005, was replaced on OBD1 system, using Crome this made 116 HP. In December 2006, I first replaced the cylinder head with a VTEC system, got 133 HP. Later I used eCtune and got 136.6 BHP. Throttle and intake manifold from Skunk2 gave again 137 BOS given the fact that the catalyst was in place. The test results I cited below. Next, I installed the camshaft SKUNK 2 Stage 1, as well as springs and Poppet valves which gave a little more than 145 HP. And so all this has allowed to remove more 100сил per liter in January 2008.


Spec project D14A3

  • Honda Civic 1.4 EJ9, D14A3 hatchback.
  • the
  • 7478 145 HP at Revolutions per minute (RPM).
  • the
  • 150 Nm at 6000 Revolutions per minute (RPM).
  • the
  • Intake Simota Air Induction Kit with an 8 inch filter.
  • the
  • 70mm pipe inlet.
  • the
  • 70mm throttle Skunk2.
  • the
  • Intake manifold with injectors 240 cc (cm3).
  • the
  • Cover Hondata\nthe
  • cylinder head D16Y8.
  • the
  • Exhaust manifold — spider 4-2-1 JCP .
  • the
  • Catalyst Megan Cat.
  • the
  • Exhaust system and muffler 60mm JCP.
  • the
  • brain ECU tuned by eCtune program, using CRX2 .

Winner Drachten

In July 2011 became the winner of the Cup of street racing KingStreet2010, more in the paper about street competition in Drachten.

Dynatest DODO

the results from the dyno. 145 HP and 133 HP.

Under the hood DoDo Bizar D14A3

Under the hood DoDo D14A3

Simota Air Intake DoDo Bizar D14A4

Installed the intake Simota Air Induction Kit with an 8 inch filter

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

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