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In order to install VTEC on a D14A4, you have to put all the electronics and connect to the brain. At the end of the article there is a full Pinout of the SFI-OBD1 in Russian and in English, suitable for the brain P3Y-P3X. Before, you had a RACV green valve on the throttle D14, now you have a IACV. on RACV 3 contact 2 contact IACV. From an old posting insulate orange wire and black and yellow connect to the IACV. The black is the signal wire, the yellow should connect to the yellow wire IACV.

Marking the sensors on the intake manifold Honda Civic

designation of the sensors on the intake manifold Honda Civic

Temperature sensor, it is located in a plastic box D14A4, and on the intake manifold back down D16Z6. Has no polarity, so just connect the wires of the old sensor with a new one.

EVAP D14A4, in D14Z1 he is a bit different

EVAP D14A4, in D14Z1 he is a bit different

EVAP you need to match old schema, and install at any place usually is in the rear of the intake manifold.

Plug which goes through the engine harness

the Plug which goes through the engine wiring

Next come all new wires which you have to traverse through rubber plug, it is under the battery mount is right in the wall of the engine compartment. Very often under a big layer of dirt.

Audiotime will help to connect any atomizer

Audiogramme will help to connect any atomizer

Go to the injectors, if you change injectors then you will have other connectors. Suggest that you can find the wiring of the engine compartment of an old Honda, then you will be a lot easier to connect the sensors. Each atomizer comes with 2 wires, one is power, second control. The power wires are connected, all 4 injectors. The other wire goes to a splitter is a small (about 5cm), the box around the brain in the cabin. In the splitter wire 1 and 4 injectors, and 2 and 3 injectors are connected. We should make sure that the wires injector control, going straight to the brain, bypassing the splitter. If you cant find the connectors for the injectors, but want to supply other, browse for the audio terminals. They just fit, dont forget to isolate at least one of 2 terminals.

SFI connector dispenser D14A4

SFI connector dispenser D14A4

table of switching from OBD2 to OBD1, we need a right.

table of switching from OBD2 to OBD1, we need the right.

Dispenser, on the old rail 7 contacts on the new 9. This is due to the fact that it has additional sensors. Following the chart, proposite new wires to the distributor. I havent tried, but there is great suspicion that each of the sensors (there are 3 dispensers), has two pins, and the like, the polarity does not matter.

Pinout SFI dispenser

the Pinout SFI dispenser

Just need another 2 wires to connect the VTEC and oil pressure switch VTEC system.

Flowed solenoid and oil pressure switch (green)

solenoid flowed in and the oil pressure switch (green)

In the end, youll have to redo the connector for the brain to steam atomizer individual wires to connect the VTEC, IACV plug and the dispenser, then try to turn on the ignition. You should not be mistakes. If you have error, then try to verify the diagnosis what is the error message and check the line connecting the sensors. After that, fill with coolant, oil, adjust the valves and try to start. After the factory you will have the error 41, as I said this is a mistake of heating the lambda. Eliminated either through the purchase of the lambda, or using the firmware.

Routine work in the interior Honda Civic

Routine work in the interior Honda Civic

A couple of tips. The brain is generally a tricky thing, if you have the programmer and chipped brain, you generally can give up searching the intake manifold. Leave your vertical. IACV can be disabled in CROME program, as well as the heated oxygen sensor. To find more information. If you do not have a programmer, and you will not be able soon to put the firmware for the motor 1.4, put injectors from D14A4, otherwise your petrol will go into the pipe. This is bad, stops your engine will drown in fuel. When you work with MBC, take a look that would have been all the bolts, especially the bolt in the center rail. If it is not there is no oil pressure in the VTEC system, and VTEC will not work. VTEC motors because of their system take more oil, half a liter approximately. So check the oil and top it up as soon as it is needed. Also watch out for coolant. Firstly that it was not oil, it speaks of the punching cylinder-head gasket and if not properly installed, and the second liquid level. I said that the fluid can escape through the cylinder 4, or just dripping from the hose. The first time check, listen, watch engine. Be careful, everything should be in its place. And then hit the pedal to the metal!

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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