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EJ6, D16Y7 — Civic DX, CX, LX, VP


EJ6 — This is the most popular model Civic presented in coupe, sedan and hatchback. Produced from 1996 to 2000 for USDM (United States Domestic Market). This Civic has an engine D16Y7 (specs bottom), with out VTEC.

D16Y7 Specs

  • Bore: 75.00 mm;
  • Stroke: 90.00 mm;
  • Displacement: 1,590 cc (97 cu in);
  • Compression: 9.4:1;
  • Power: 106 hp (79.0 kW, 107 ps) at 6,200 rpm;
  • Torque: 103 lb·ft (139.5 N.m) at 4,600 rpm ;
  • Redline: 6,800 rpm;
  • Rev-limiter: 7,200 rpm;
  • Valvetrain: SOHC (4 valves per cylinder) Non VTEC;
  • Fuel Control: OBD2-a MPFI;
  • Intake manifold: Vertical;
  • Exhaust manifold: 4-2-1 Honda;
  • Distributor TD-98U
  • Sparks plug: BKR5E-11
  • Injectors: 185 cc;
  • Head Code: P2A-2;
  • Piston Code: P2E;
  • ECU\PCM Code: P2E;
  • Gearbox: S40;
  • Cam Gear: 38 Tooth;

What is?

How can you drive a car with 106 horse power, and an engine capacity of 1.6 liters? The main words of Honda, is "to get 100 horsepower from a 1 liter engine". You really can get 160 horsepower at atmospheric engine without the turbine. My entire site is devoted to how of D14A3 (75HP) is achieved in 125, and then 145 hp, the best project H4WK able to reach 153 horsepower. And you have 106, in EJ6 with 1.6l. This is very bad. Your engine is too boring. The first thing that catches the eye small vertical intake manifold, it stifles your engine. Well I will tell you what to do and how to fight boredom.

Stock D16Y7 IM and D16Z6 IM

Stock D16Y7 IM and D16Z6 IM

Intake Manifold (IM)

What is the difference between D16Y8 and D16Y7? 106 and 125 hp, 19 hp! Partially try to increase the power. First you need to understand that you do not have a tuning ECU-PCM EJ6. So it is impossible, without replacing it to OBD1, or instal AFR PiggyBack. You can not install the cylinder head, replace the fuel injectors, turbo install.
But you can get the engine to breathe easier. Find horizontal intake manifold. The best will D16Y8. Worse D16Z6. If you have money get Skunk2 Intake manifold.
Install is simple, just remove old vertical intake manifold and install new. And dont forget install new gaskets! Do not change anything on the intake manifold. Leave the old injector and throttle body. Your engine will work better, easier to gain momentum. Larger view power at low revs. This means that you will be easier to make a start. Yes certainly improve the sound of the engine Civic D16Y7 it will be a little lower.

Exhaust manifold

If the engine has started to consume more air, you need to take care of his best output. Install Issue 4-2-1 stainless steel for better engine operation. It is not very expensive about $ 100-200, you can find good quality exhaust manifold for D16Y7.

Adjustable AEM Gear Camshaft for Honda D16

Adjustable AEM Gear Camshaft for Honda D16

Adjustable CamGear

Gas distribution mechanism, which includes the camshaft, crankshaft pulley, valve and ignition distributor, sets the engine. Camshaft D16Y7 exactly the same as in D16Y4, D16Y9 . You certainly can premises swap camshaft, but I would not do it until you replace the ECU.
However, you can configure the timing and even better to increase the power at low revs. To do this you need to set up a cam gear, such as Adjustble Camgear AEM. First install it as a stock camgear. And then no more than 4 degrees, rotate the side exhaust valves. Better tuning ignition on stroboscope and in service mode (checkengine, SCS etc.).

DIY termo gasket for intake manifold D16,

DIY termo gasket for intake manifold D16,


In cold environment, the density of the substance increases. In a hot environment, increases the speed of the molecules. Air entering the intake manifold should not be heated, the denser the air will be the more powerful engine, which is why there is a turbo intercooler kits. Install the heat insulating gasket between the cylinder head and intake manifold D16Y7. Hondata sells such, for D16 Civic. Or you can do it yourself, of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). As a template, use the intake manifold gasket D16Y8. Gasket thickness 3-5 mm.
In home computer the hottest point is the CPU. For heat removal or use copper and aluminium radiator. Gasoline combustion temperature above 1000 degrees, exhaust manifold is heated to 600 degrees. All under hood area gets very silno.Chto bad, especially in the summer. A good solution is to install a thermal interface of copper to your EJ6 D16Y7. And of course winding exhaust manifold, heat tape. The first time she smells bad, but your exhaust manifold is hot. and all under hood area cold.
Inlet must be cold and hot exhaust. This gives better cross the air and the gas flow.


Typically, the compound of two parts, such as intake manifold and throttle or manifold and the cylinder head, not immeyut perfect pass. At the junction there is certainly a step. The tread is the resistance to air flow. With Dremel you need maximum cross-flow is achieved. And Intake and Exhaust.

A little hardcore!

Standard piston P2E, it is terrible. gives the compression ratio just 9.62. I like the piston PM3, but I use them in D15 and D14. If you set PM3 in D16, your compression ratio will be 11.7. It is very much, bad. You can install the piston PM6 in D16Y7, and now CR=9.96. Or if you are using a piston factory D16Y7 P2E, just mill the cylinder head to 0.4mm (0.016 inches). This reduces the combustion chamber, but will give a compression ratio (CR) of 9.96, 0.2mm — CR=9.79.

Your engine bay space should look like this or better, this 1.4l civic have 154 hp without vtec and without turbo.

Your engine bay space should look like this or better, this 1.4l civic have 154 hp without vtec and without turbo.

How much do I get horsepower?

It all depends on whether you understand what the item as works if you do it right, you can increase by 15-35 percents. Seriously, even without VTEC and adjustment of fuel cards you can reach 140 HP. Do not try to install all the details without understanding the process.

Small injectors

Problem injector D16Y7 only 185 cubes. They were put on 1.4 1.5 engines up to 130 forces, the problem is that the stock could end injectors after reaching 130-140 hp. If you want to change them then you have to change the fuel cards, and since you can not do with a standard control unit (ECU-PCM), you will need to set the type of ECU to OBD1 like P28 or P06. If you just change the nozzle 240 (eg D16Z6, D16Y8) you will have a very rich mixture. This will not give power.
Next Honda Civic engine is D16Y5 (EJ7).

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

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