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EJ7, D16Y5 — Civic HX, VTEC-E


Unlike EJ6 (D16Y7), EJ7 has motor D16Y5. Feature is installed system VTEC-E. EJ7 (D16Y5) is equal to the displacement of 1.6 liters, and was named HX. There were also versions 1.6IES, 1.6Is and VTI.

Honda Civic VTEC-E Cover, D15Z6 and D16Y5

Honda Civic VTEC-E Cover, D15Z6 and D16Y5

General Specs D16Y5, for all versions VTI \ IS \ IES

  • Bore — 75.00 mm;
  • Stroke — 90.00 mm;
  • Displacement — 1,590 cc (97 cu in);
  • Connecting Rod Length — 137 mm;
  • Cylinder head — P2M-010 (-A00), Like D15Z6;
  • D16Y5 (D15Z6) combustion chamber 32.8 cc;
  • Gasket, Cylinder head like D16Y8 — Thickness 0.037 in (0.9398 mm);
  • Pistons P2M-000;
  • Effective Compression Ratio D16Y5 — 9.56;
  • Front disk brake — 262mm;

Variations of engine power from 115 to 127 hp. But look at each complete set separately. For comparison, I took a 3 Honda Civic 1.6 with CVT GearBox.

1.6 IS and IES HX, D16Y5, Civic Specs

  • Intake manifild — horizotal with EGR;
  • Fuel injectors — small 185cc;
  • O2 Sensor 4 wire;
  • Engine distributor — D4T94-05;
  • ECU-PCM — 37820-P2M-G71 (-G72) 1999-2000;
  • ECU-PCM — 37820-P2M-G61 1996-1998;
  • CamShaft Like D15Z6 — P2M-000 ;
  • Exhaust 4-1, (very short 4-2-1) ;
  • Throttle Body — GY10C;
  • Rear drum brakes;
  • Power — 115 hp (86 kW, 117 PS) at 5,600 rpm;
  • Torque — 104 lb·ft (14.4 kg/m, 141 Nm) at 4,500 rpm;

1.6 VTI, D16Y5, Civic Specs

  • VTI, Only Sedan;
  • Intake manifild — horizotal with out EGR;
  • Fuel injectors — small 185cc;
  • CamShaft — P2M-A00;
  • Exhaust manifold — 4-2-1;
  • O2 Sensor 4 wire;
  • ECU-PCM — 37820-P2M-Q71;
  • Throttle Body — GY18D;
  • Rear disk brake — 239mm;
  • Power — 127 hp (94.7 kW, 129 ps) at 5,800 rpm;
  • Torque — 111 lb·ft (? kg/m, ? Nm) at ??? rpm;

As you can see the engine block the same on all versions of Honda Civic D16Y5. The compression ratio is 9.56, is slightly greater than D16Y7 (9.4), but it is still not very much. In general, the engine has been developed under a further tuning (or boost). Intake and Exhaust manifolds gives good breath engine.
Cylinder head has a very good shape, as you can see, this cylinder head is on the D15Z6. Dodo-Bizar from the Netherlands at the "stock" could D15Z6 get without turbo 150.3 hp. Only adjusting the fuel and ignition maps. At the same cylinder head as well as on D16Y5. Honda Civic with D16Y5, is a very good start to engine tuning.
Of course if you have VTI, it is better. Nicer exhaust manifold, more interesting camshaft rear disc brakes.

How much do I get horsepower?

If you read my article about tuninig D16Y7 then you already know the basics. Main advantage of the cylinder head with your system VTEC-E. Plus, your engine breathe better. Install the adapter wires OBD2 to OBD1, install ECU-PCM P28 and configure it, with ajustable camshaft gear.

Conversion to D16Y8

What is the difference between the D16Y8 and D16Y5? Certainly themselves ECU PCM. D16Y5 have code P2M. D16Y8 have code P2P. You can Just replace them (plug and play), rewire fee immobilizer old ECU to a new ECU. Piston give almost the same compression ratio 9.56 and 9.60, so they can not be changed. Collector you already have. Most importantly cylinder head.
You wouldd be surprised, but the cylinder head D15Z6, D16Y5 and D16Y8 is one and the same cylinder head. Valves, springs, and VTEC valve equal. The difference in the camshaft, rockers, and fixing the camshaft (12236-P2J-000) and fuel injector (185 to 235cc). I am not saying that this is a good choice, but if you want a real 2-stage VTEC (5500 RPM) you can do this operation.

Choose what you want!

Choose what you want!

How about Turbo?

Many say that VTE-E system is weak. But if you learn the technical specifications of a cam D15Z6 (That there are D16Y5) Then you know that the cam camshaft intake valve is very high. Compare different camshafts lifting height, intake valve lobe height, mm:

  • D16Y7 35.299
  • D16Y5 (D15Z6) 38.427, vtec-e 32.292
  • D16W3 35.0
  • D14Z2 34.848
  • D16Z6 28.5, vtec 44.0
  • D16Y8 36.7, vtec 38.2

What does it mean? This means that when working all 16 valves then the height of lifting more than most camshafts without VTEC — 38.427 mm. High lift cams gives more air consumption, so it is possible to give more air through the turbocharger. But do not forget to change the fuel injectors for large and sure to adjust the fuel cards. After factory settings on your computer, set up under the atmospheric pressure to 1 bar.

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