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Crome, the software to work with firmware drain OBD1 Honda

Crome, the software to work with firmware drain OBD1 Honda


After the article about how to work in Crome, you need to know about plug-ins. Crome allows you to expand the standard program of operation of the engine through plug-ins. the Plugins Crome is a scripting scenario, a direct involvement in the program. Some plugins work with the base P28 Honda Civic, but I would recommend to transfer your firmware to the P30, especially if you plan to expand maps in excess of 1 atmosphere. To do this, create a File->New B16A new database and move your tables. After that we can work with plugins without problems, and will not receive the error \"No support yet for P28 P72 rom\" that means \"This plugin CROME will not work on the P28 and P72 , you need a P30 base!\"0.
Physically the plugins are in the Plugin folder from the root of the program CROME. The plugin is written in a text editor in a language close to JAVA. After the saved format .CPF or .JS.

Menu Enhancements (improvements)

Menu Enhancements (improvements)


Enhancements: CheckSum Routine

First before you start, you need to remove the verify the integrity of the firmware if you make any changes in settings, and not directly in the programme of work of the engine, then the check will fail on the console Honda Civic, and the engine work correctly will not. On this feel free to choose Plugins->Enhancements->Remove Checksum Route and check CRC the firmware will be skipped.


Enhancements: Rev Tools

After confirming the installation of the Rev Tools the plugin expand the speed range for High RPM Cam, means on the second card, usually VTEC, the minimum value of the momentum will be 2499, or below, and the top will change to 10986. That will actually allow you to spin the engine up to 11000 revs . When the plugin last table value is usually 8000 RPM cloned 6-7 times, so you have to adjust fuel map and ignition map. Dont forget to remove the limit on revs in the options — the F4 Key.

Plug-in Extra Features on the tab Options (F4)

Plug-in Extra Features on the tab Options (F4)


Enhancements: Add Extra Features

The plugin Add Extra Features , really gives additional features to the firmware on the basis of the P30 and P72. In the options (F4) there will be new values in the panel Extra Features.
The first is Launch Control, exposing the value of the engine Speed RPM, you create a cut off fuel neutral. Giving lunch Control, or Launch Control ? You set the maximum speed of operation of the engine maximum torque to start (3000-4500 RPM) in full , if you start with 8000 RPM in addition to the black plume and the time spent on the slip you get nothing. If you put the lunch Control corresponding to the maximum point, the fact that the wheelspin when you switch on the transmission will be much lower than that will time at the start. Yes, the lunch Control is abuse of CPT, but with the right approach, everything is working as it should, it will be much safer than launching from the cutoff to 8000 RPM.
The Full Throttle Shift and your selected RPM values, gives the opportunity to define a fully open throttle. At full throttle, on the selected speed will flash on the MIL light — CheckEngine . Useful for detuning of the card.
Setting the Shift Light and rpm selected RPM, as well alert you light the MIL — CheckEngine while achieving the required speed. Usually Shift light is used for visual monitoring of the optimum engine speed to change gear.\nthe Boost limit , cut off fuel when pressure on the MAP sensor. The value is entered in PSI Or MBAR, is initially 035 mBar , ie 1 atmosphere.
Plugin Add Extra Features for Crome, a small but useful tool for wiosennego control over the operation of the engine, and of course the lunch Control.


Enhancements: Edit Gear Correction Gear and Edit Table

is needed for internal calculation firmware P30. In the values table, you specify the speed in Kmh at which you must place the transaxle.


Enhancements: Ignition Retard Step

the Step Ignition Retard , literally translated as step-by-step reduction of the ignition angle. With increasing pressure up to 2 bar (30 PSI), the ignition angle will vary depending on the pressure. With proper calculation of this smooth decrease can provide additional productivity from the ignition system.


Enhancements: P30 Byte Hack

In database P30 there is a problem true to display the values of the Options in CROME, one and the same firmware for both P28 and P30 works for me in different ways. If the P28 I have no errors CheckEngine , on the basis of the P30 will be a ELD. Although I know that it can not be. These are not precision allows the plugin Byte Hack .


Enhancements: Quick Datalogger +RTP

This is probably the most useful to configure the plugin. Plugin Quick Datalogger +RTP, intended only for P30. This plugin includes the ability to read, and read-only parameters of the engine Honda Civic. You need to connect to 5 pin female connector CN2 ECU about cots chip, any serial terminal TTL to USB or TTL-RS232. He I made myself of the Nokia cables, Samsung chip Max232 or FT232BM . In General, it is any adapter the TTL-USB the price on EBAY is about 1-2 dollars. For example, the Moates HULOG Honda USB Datalog Costs $ 35. As a reader you can use ECUcontrol, Freelog, Crome or other programs. Yes, you understand correctly that you complete the firmware DataLog, but look it in another program.
An important feature for proper operation of the DataLog must cut the jumper J12 (on the left side of the brain, if the chip is in the right), and if you use Board computer type MultiTronics be sure to off, otherwise the onboard computer sending their queries will churn out included the DataLog. On my J12 is worth the switch, if I edit the firmware, or just the data on the laptop I use a single chip with the firmware for a daily driver with a comfortable border I use a different switch chip and the switch J12.
of Attention! To work with DataLog in Crome, you must have the PRO or Dealer version.

the Jumper J1 needs desoldering, for DataLog

Jumper J1 needs desoldering, for DataLog


Enhancements: VTP+VTS Remover

Some Honda cylinder head with the VTEC system has the necessary actuation valve VTEC, but the oil pressure switch VTEC system may not be. So imagine you have a P28 brain, with P30 IOS and cylinder head without the VTEC oil pressure switch in the system. In the end, you find an error CheckEngine Error 21 or Error 22 . The plugin VTP+VTS Remover will remove the test sensor VTP and VTS.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

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