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Utilities and configuring plugins Crome: Fuel, ITB, Boost Tools

Utility and configure plugins Crome: Fuel, ITB, Boost Tools


Utilities: Calibrate non-Honda TPS

For some reason you decide not to use the rotation sensor throttle TPS, or even replaced the choke Honda to another brand. Now brain ECU Honda need to set the calibration of the TPS sensor. In CROME You need to specify the minimum value of the voltage when the throttle is closed and maximum when open. If Honda these values are 0.5 and 5.0, i.e. throttle third-party brands with values of 1-4.5, 0-3.3 volts. Therefore, Calibrate non-Honda TPS plug just need. Just measure the voltage to the throttle in both positions if not the engine is running, and specify in the plugin.


Control: Advance Idle

Plugin Idle Advance< designed to work with valve idling. Offered ranges of operation for cold (cold), warm (warm), a working (moving) mode. In General, Idle-Cut, the upper limit of the valve the idle speed, Idle Resume the lower limit of the valve of idling. For example, when low temperature valve the Idle speed will try to maintain momentum first in 1465 RPM (P28) and gradually reduce them to 810 RPM(P28).


Control: Advanced Boost Tools+ MAP Cutoff Edit

The plugin is made only after the installation of the Boost Tools+! When the MAP value is below a predetermined (114 mbar) injectors completely off, need to decelerate.


Control: Advanced Boost Tools+, Close loop MAX Load Edit

The plugin is made only after the installation of the Boost Tools+! The plugin is designed to disable the oxygen sensor above a certain pressure, high load, initially, up to 750 mbar, the oxygen sensor is not working.


Control: Advanced Vtec Setup (P28, P30, P72)

The plugin is designed to configure the hysteresis to enable and disable the VTEC valve. If the simple options you have indicated the inclusion of VTEC on the 4560, it does not mean that the triggering on or off or turn it on at this point. Most likely, the inclusion will be on 4563, and off at 4000. More precisely, we can specify via the plugin.


Control: Air Conditioning Cutoff (P30) Modified

Crome Plugin designed to turn off the air conditioner, to reduce the load, above certain revs and higher percentage of throttle opening. In the city you can drive with air conditioning. But when pressing on the accelerator pedal and the achievement of 5000 rpm, the air conditioner will turn off, which will reduce the load on the engine.


Control: ITB Tools Plus MAP-TPS Crossover edit

The plugin is designed for ITB Tools listed that it is necessary for the individual throttles. Designed for dividing a table into the MAP and TPS (horizontal scale). If the MAP sensor reaches the value higher than what is specified in the plugin (mbar) that includes the right of the table, namely the intersection between the Rpm and the Percentage opening of the throttle. The More columns the less TPS precision control of the table MAP and more on the TPS. And Vice versa.


Control: ITB Tools Plus: TPS-TPS Crossover edit

The plugin is designed to specify the lower limit of the drawdown of the table TPS, in percentage. You can specify, for example 30%, it means that the TPS part of the table will operate with a 30% opening of the throttles.


Control: ITB Tools Plus Map injector Cut Edit

The plugin is designed to decelerate(braking), with MAP reaching values below the set (114 mbar) Injectors are completely off.


Misc: Enable / Disable IACV

Crome allows you to work with the IACV valve at idle, were usually mounted on the rear horizontal header as D16Z6. For stock engines, the valve idle IACV needed to maintain a smooth and minimal air intake for engine operation. But there are some tuning options, when Idling just not, or he is in the area of 3000 and higher rpm. Function Enable / Disable IACV will enable or disable the use of the IACV. In any case, with the screws on the throttle you can always configure the twentieth manually, without automation.


Misc: Select LS cable tranny

The plugin sets the value of speed for box LS cable type. The first gear 71 mph, second gear 112 mph, third gear 164 km / h, fourth gear 214 mph.


Misc: Select LS hydro tranny

The plugin sets the value of speed for box LS hydraulic type. First gear 72 mph, second gear 113 mph, third gear 168 mph, fourth gear 214 mph.


Misc: Select GSR hydro tranny

The plugin sets the value of speed for the GSR box hydraulic type. The first gear 70 mph, second gear 110 mph, third gear 154 mph, fourth gear 196 mph.


Misc: Select B16 hydro tranny

The plugin sets the value of speed for box B16 hydraulic type. The first gear 70 mph, second gear 103 mph, third gear 142 mph, fourth gear 184 mph.


Advanced Boost Tools

The Advanced Boost Tools plugin is not working together with ITB Tools Plus!\nThe Advanced Boost Tools plugin is designed to work with cards for turbines, blowers and just under a positive pressure. Plugin adds many tools. First calibration MAP sensor, namely a MAP Sensors for your speck with positive pressure (turbo). The second plugin Crome Advanced Boost Tools will add additional columns to pressure. It may be 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 new cells for a more correct tuning, in General the plugin will expand Crome fuel maps. After installing the plugin in the firmware in Tools->Adjust Boost Tables will be a new item for tuning ignition and fuel with the touch of a button, you can recalculate the time of opening of injectors for the boost or the ignition angle.


Fuel Tools

After installing the plugin Crome, Calculator Coefficients (Multiplier Calculator) a new tab will appear — Advanced. Using the plugin you can fine-tune the injectors and the fuel supply. PS. To the end he was not dismantled, not used


ITB Tools Plus JR 0.1

ITB plugin does not work together with Advanced Boost Tools!\nPlugin ITB Tools you need when working with individual throttle butterflies. First he adds the adjustment of the TPS sensor voltage as the plug-Calibrate non-Honda TPS, the second plugin just adds Tools to REV 10986 (11000) Rpm RPM. And of course modifies the axis of air pressure. Now the horizontal axis of the fuel maps and ignition maps looks different. the ITB Tools plugin out of 10 columns of air pressure made 5 and put them on the left, and the remaining 5 are now data, not pressure, and percentage relative to the throttle. After all, with the installation of individual throttle ITB, the MAP sensor loses its essence. And adjust the mixture, you can only through the revs and the opening angle of the individual inductors.


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