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Initially when buying the Honda Civic EJ9 gave 3 keys. Two ordinary black regular key, and red key master . The sixth generation Honda Civic was already equipped with factory immobilizers, and so every key is chipped, the information of each was recorded in the immobilizer unit and the ECU brain. If for some reasons lost one of the black regular key, for security used master key, when you first start otklucheni all the rest of the black staff the keys to the hijackers could not found the key from the Honda Civic. The immobilizer comprises two parts, if you are risen modification in 96.\nOne of which is in the control unit ECU, and the other inside the cabin as a separate unit. The key has a passive chip transponders (Magnetic Coupled Transponder Systems), then there is working remotely from the wire ring antenna around the lock cylinder ignition at a small distance. To create a duplicate use the programmers and blanks, described below. At the time of August 2012, key with chip, namely making copies worth 3500 rubles. (100$). Created copies of keys not new keys. The digital signal coming from the key to the immobilizer code is generated from the unique key ID and secret code.
Well, if you have problem with access to the Honda Civic, see get into car without key.


Types of keys and blanks

Will show the keys which use the blanks chip metal disc. The chip is programmed only once and the metal part are machined in any metal repair.

honda civic original key, black key

OEM Honda original black regular key 1998 Honda Civic with the immobilizer chip under the rubber shell.

blank key blank JMA HON-S16DP

Procurement of key company JMA, without chips. Code of procurement: HONS16DP.

blank key blank Silca Italy HON58RT5

Silca Italy, with the immobilizer chip. Code of procurement: HON58RT5.


Types of chips in the keys

Inside keys the Honda Civic was put the other memory chip transponders, here are some:


Megamos-13 were set in the keys of Honda Civic prior to 1995, mainly fully loaded


Philips-33, were placed in Honda Civic 1996-2001


Nintendo key Honda Civic

Lately there are questions about where to flash the key or how to program a new key . Questions appear in connection with the age of the car. My personal experience in this matter showed that during the 12 years of using the key \"started it\", the good I did for a year myself in the Studio just a blank key without a chip value of 200p, which still had the picture of the key($7). And to start the car with him, leans against the bottom of the steering column of the old key. New cost me already in the 1900R. ($68). Its expensive, but I needed a car, and devices for flashing (programming) cost about 24000р. $800-$1500. Production of a key with a chip was less than 5 minutes. of Updated At the time of 2013 the price the manufacturer key with a chip from the same master with the same programmer was worth 3000r (100$).


Types of programming keys with immobilizer


TRS4000 from the company JMA, simple, but also in the price range of $800

Bianchi 883

Bianchi 883, with the help of such a device and I got my duplicate key

RW4 (D831436ZB)

RW4 (D831436ZB), a powerful tool for reading and writing keys Honda Civic, and not only


It is the latter and gave me a key, I spent about 5-7 minutes time, initially the real key is inserted into the slot of the Reader. Next on the menu of the reader is set to \"pattern read\" under a particular brand of car. The program reads the information from Transpower. Next, set a new disc, and it is written information.


Two interesting points

first I started with a black key, when I knew that the key was with the chip in a normal workshop I made a CD for $ 100 (3$) which of course came to my castle but are unable to start the engine. Then I removed the key on the shelf and forgot it for 2 years. When the key started it, that is metal on the key was thinner and did not fit the lock, I took the old key and set it in the socket and held ignition chipped key nearby. The car is successfully started. So with two semi keys I went for about a month. This effect sometimes can do specifically to set the alarm with the inclusion of the engine according to schedule or remotely, it is a bypass protection system and immobilizer Honda Civic (and other car), which has a negative impact on protection.
Secondly, when I changed the ECU the brain then I thought about how then to start the car, because the new brain has its own immobilizer with your memory, and your keys. And my key it will not be a good choice. I found out that this happens only with a brain older than 96. It has its own Board, which can be a little desoldering and close the necessary contacts. I changed the ECU from the car 95 years (P28) which did not have the immobilizer. Do you think that I lost my protection? as it is not so. Inside my cívica is the second part of the Immobiliser, the memory of which is recorded in the same key. So I left my chipped key.


Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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