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hi hondaboy! So, actively advancing in Russia, cold, side mirrors covered with a crust of ice, which is difficult to scrape. Ice from the mirrors moves quite difficult, sometimes not without consequences — Stripping the top layer of the mirror coating. Today I have spent the whole day installing their system, heated mirrors in my Honda Civic! We can now show the full photo report on installing of heating elements on the mirrors.

Obledenenie mirror Honda Civic

Obledenenie mirror Honda Civic


Parse mirror

For a start we need to completely remove the mirror from the car. To remove the mirror glass Honda Civic, it needs to bend in any direction and to crawl flat tool to remove the mid-body iron clamp (visible in the photo below), I used a normal knife.\nNext, you will need hot water, will fit a large pot or tub, put our mirror in horchow water for a few minutes. I hope that this mirror glass was warm and not from cold, otherwise it will crack just from temperature changes.\nAt a sufficiently high temperature, the glue which holds the mirror element to the plastic substrate, will soften and will be easy to Zerkalo detach itself from the plastic base. \nNext, carefully take out the entire structure. If the glass leaves hard, then put it under hot water, do not use force! Otherwise, it can remain without mirrors.
The second option is to heat the mirror element with a hot air gun. So the mirror comes out from the mandrel, remove it from the plastic holder, clean and degrease the back of the mirror with a degreaser to the back will stick the heating element.

Cut the mirror element

Removed the mirror element


Installing radiators side mirrors

Fitting a heating element of the mirror

Fitting a heating element of the mirror

Examples of heating element, I turn to the soldering contacts.

Soldered contacts of the heating element mirrors

Soldered contacts of the heating element mirrors

Soldering the wires to the contacts of the heating element, it is more reliable and secure than twisting. Dont just clamp the wire at terminals, do everything carefully. After the need to stick a heater on the back of the mirror, which is previously degreased.

Sure seal contacts

Sure seal contacts

Preferably insulated brazed contacts, for example with the same sealant.

a New hole for the passage through it of the wires heating

a New hole for the passage through it of the wires of the heating

As for the plastic holder already has holes in it, but for the contacts of the heating element mirrors they fit at the time, so it is through these holes need to traverse wiring. If you are in the mirror no holes for wire make them yourself.

Point of the sealant for attaching the mirror element

the Point of the sealant for attaching the mirror element

Clearing plastic from drops of old glue. Heat Hairdryer mandrel, apply glue or hot melt adhesive, or sealant, which keeps the operating temperature (-30 +30), it is possible to use double-sided tape. But the Scotch have to fully glue all over the surface.

General view of how the wire

General view of how the wire

wire Length of heating must be sufficient

cable Length of heating must be sufficient

Ready mirror heated with their hands

Ready mirror heated with their hands

Another photo of the mirror heating

Another photo mirrors with heating

Precision and accuracy in work will help you

precision and Accuracy in the work you will help


connecting the mirror to the button

The very power supply can be accomplished in several ways. 1. In the car may already be wiring for heated mirrors. 2. The connection is through the power wire of the heating element of back glass. 3. Connecting directly. I believe that the latter method is very bad, and unfortunately I have not found the same wire the heated mirrors. It Was therefore decided to mount the heated mirrors to the heated rear window, one button. It will be the easiest way and not have to make additional switches. The elements themselves are about $ 15, not a big price for the comfort in winter.

Insert wire from other side of the door and connect to the transaction

Thread the wire on the other side of the door and connect to the transaction

Mirror heating saves you from icing it is very good

Mirror with heater, saves you from icing it is very good


As I wrote above you have 3 ways to connect. I recommend to connect the Parking to the rear window 1 button. If you know of a better way Id be happy to get to know him. Firstly one of the wires, both heating elements are mirrors, you need to make a total weight with the body, for this either connect the wires directly to the body or connect to some wire with ground. Most importantly, make sure that the wire is correct, just \"prozvoniv\" wire and the body. Secondly, another wire, heating elements in both mirrors, it is necessary to connect among themselves. And this wire connect with the wire of rear window defogger. To the button to connect is not necessary and stupid, you need to connect or relay for heated rear window (black with blue wire), or the relay F50 (green white wire). The wire goes from fuse box interior fuse box engine compartment. The cross section of your wire for heating must be taken not thinner than the wires of the car in General, at the request of the power gap you can connect the fuse to 7.5 or 10 Amps. Communication power for heating 12 volts. Safety is primarily the accuracy. Take the wire of a sufficiently thick cross-section, in addition to twists of solder the connections, try to insulate all the bare areas. In fact you need to connect 2 heating element between and connected to the battery. Also before starting work, suggest read the article on soldering.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

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