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Controllers air / fuel mixture, they (AFR) Air Fuel Ratio Controller, they also PiggyBack, or \"pig tails\". The required data controllers to configure fuel-air mixture, the inclusion of the VTEC points , the settings of other parameters. You ask \"what brains?\". PiggyBack is necessary in cases when not possible to adjust staffing surplus brain. OBD1 is configured using the chip, it is the \"cheapest\" and \"easiest\" way. And if you have a motor that has a brain without the ability typowanie ? There is no money to buy a brain and knowledge on a 48 resoldering the wires? Thats when you come to \"help\" the controller is a PiggyBack fuel / air mixture. Moreover, no matter what your engine, be D14 B18, K24. Although I think if you have a K series is that you have at least Hondata.


the PiggyBack is the common name for these types of devices. They are usually universal for 4 cylinder engines. Installed at odds of some sensors, sensors and performers. Lets say you set the air / fuel controller, physically, the brain communicates with sensors and performers (injectors, valves VTEC) via PiggyBack. He \"extinguishes\" the queries of the brain, and gives their data injector . Brain says \"now is 750 rpm, and the throttle closed, let the injectors work 17 ISS\". Momentum 17мкс is not on the injectors and PiggyBack, the checks in the table what must be equal to the pulse duration of opening of the injector at 750 revs and closed throttle, and outputs to the injector, lets say 15 µs for fuel economy at idle.
PiggyBack deceiving the brain that is by artists, placed in the gap VTEC signal wires, injectors, and some sensors. But at the same time reads the signals of engine speed, camshaft sensor (crankshaft), the pressure in the intake manifold sometimes the temperature, the percentage of throttle opening. Ie number of electronics for engine operation. Spark + air + fuel.

Typical connection diagram fuel controller

a Typical connection scheme fuel controller


APEXI: AFR controllers

I dont know which company was the first in this direction, but most common number of models I believe APEXI. This S-AFC ( Super Air Flow Controller), V-AFC (VTEC Air Flow Controller), also their second-generation S-AFCII, V-AFCII, and a new APEXI AFC NEO. If the first version can be bought for 100-200 dollars, Apexi NEO already costs $ 500. the VAFC different from SAFC updated software, with the function on and off VTEC valves. S-AFC controller has 8 points of correction of the fuel mixture in increments of 500 RPM. On each of the 8 selected points of the possible 50% retracement of the enrichment of the mixture. On vehicles equipped with mass air flow sensor MAF type (hot wire), it is possible to use the correction function of the sensor reading with engine braking (Deceleration Air Flow Correction function). This allows you to rebuild the problem glohnuschey engine and uneven idling.

Apexi AFR Controller S-AFC

Apexi AFR Controller S-AFC

Apexi AFC NEO is a new product of a famous brand AFC, has a 8 \ 16 custom fuel trims. Of course there is a function to control the VTEC for Honda and Acura. It is also important for monitoring driver data engine: engine Speed, rotation, throttle, battery voltage, intake manifold pressure, and of course the data for the correction of the AFR. All this is enclosed in housing with a color display and a fastener on the dashboard. The screen displays information for the last 60 seconds.

Apexi AFC NEO air / fuel controller of the last generation

Apexi AFC NEO air / fuel controller of the last generation


Greddy: e-Manage Ultimate

More globally the question of setting the engine approached the Greddy team in conjunction with the manufacturer Trust. A block the size of a brain, the aluminum body of the radiator 48\nports input and output. PiggyBack Greddy e-Manage Ultimate is designed to work not only on 4 but also on 3, 6 and 8 cylinders. Moreover, it is possible to connect each cylinder to adjust the correction of the ignition. In addition to reading standard sensors are still monitoring the Knock Sensor and connect separately to the network and 12v. A free setup on the PC (Ultimate230). the Price Greddy e-Manage Ultimate 690 dollars.

Greddy: e-Manage Ultimate is a powerful tool for settings

Greddy: e-Manage Ultimate is a powerful tool to adjust


AEM Universal Fuel/Ignition Controller

Interesting controller that was released by the famous firm of tuning the AEM. Presented to 6 versions , but Honda and Acura have prepared two — F/IC-6. Mag Sensors. and F/IC-6. Mag Pickup Sensors. The first has a capacity of machine 80 and 90s, second is on Honda and of course Honda 2000-2005 S2000. The difference between these versions from a red-blooded American in a small \"cutoff\" parameters. In the full version of the AEM PiggyBack, already has 8 outputs for 8 cylinders (instead of 6), additional simulation of the load injectors, boost controller, logging in 2MB (in the version of F/IC-6 only 64K), calibration of the speedometer. You can also connect to the CAN bus. the Price AEM Universal Fuel/Ignition Controller, depending on the version ranges from 450 to 630 dollars.

AEM a solid controller for machines from 4 to 8 pots

AEM a solid controller for machines from 4 to 8 pots


Unichip from Dastek

This PiggyBack is widely known in Russia. the Price 400-600 dollars. The company is engaged in equipment and service for tuning cars, tinotenda, onboard PC, PiggyBack, respectively. It has a rich library of settings for the specific make and model, usually comes an expensive car with a man who wants to increase the power of the car. The car is driven on the dyno to check whether it conforms to the declared settings. Then if all conditions are met, then the scythe is appropriate to the engine control unit (brain) clings additional \"braid wire\", which is at Unichip. On the Unichip itself is set from the library corresponding firmware, in rare cases, the firmware is going on the new. The work is not dusty and well-paid.
Working together with automatic transmission, climate control and instrument panel. There is an additional module turbo. It is possible to upload up to 5 cards firmware for different driving modes. It is possible to control via Bluetooth to control some functions of the phone.

Unichip? no thanks, I have enough Apple.

Unichip? no thanks, I have enough of Apple.



The simpler the mechanism, the less the probability of failure and the more his understanding. In simple circles Hondamodel who drives a 10-15-20 year old cars is believed that PiggyBack is bad. I partly agree with this. To trick the brain, to intercept the signals and give false. Something about this is not correct from a technical point of view, too many intermediaries. Each module is pre-wired PiggyBack to fit your connector type of the brain, is not likely to have anything to solder even. When I work with the brain of a Honda I do see the point of revolutions and intake manifold pressure, in which a particular compound and the desired ignition angle. Regular brain D14 SFI stitching and not the same Polivios showed that with small changes in iron and S-AFC can achieve capacities up to 120лс. If you have a simple machine with a minimum of sensors use programmable brain, most likely under it there is already firmware. PiggyBack is a toy, Yes it costs money, people get extra points, but its not serious. of Toys. Want a real tune? Read the theory, consider the formula manual labor of the factory better. One two five firmware, Bluetooth... are You seriously going to use this?
Let me tell you a secret, there are different firmwares under one iron. You have to find only one firmware program specifically for your spec which you have collected. If you want to save money and throw less fuel, you get detonation and heat, will pour more fuel so better to go, in the best case, the fuel will not burn and consumption will increase. I think you dont like if you steel yourself to breathe in different days with different intensity, experiment. Your body with the same mechanism. with Everywhere should be optimum.
the PS do not forget, any tuned vehicle, fuel card, ignition, tuning the VTEC point is configured only with a wideband lambda — broadband oxygen sensor.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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