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If you feel the spirit of VTEC, you probably already know what VTEC D16Z6 (D16Y8) and probably heard about the famous 3-Stage D15B aka D15Z7. As it so happened that the VTEC-E for fuel economy (Economy VTEC), young Chandawadi sidestep. Well what to say, if the engine in one mode goes to 12 valves, and the other just 16 valves. There is also ECO lightbulb which reminds us that \"now you trudge on the highway very economical!\". Will try to expand the question more broadly.


a Little history

As you know the Grand Honda Civic made 1975, when the U.S. adopted more stringent requirements on exhaust emissions of cars. Honda Civic with the CVCC motor, became car of the year and won a lot of attention to yourself. Not only that, the CVCC engine was the most effective in town, so a car not used the catalyst in the exhaust system. Amazing Japanese miracle at that time, in the United States with their 5 liter TownCar.

Continuing his research of engineering, born of the motor B and D series, phased array systems, naturally — the VTEC. Around the same time, rivals of the car market and created VVT-i and MIVEC. Assessing the possibility of VTEC, one direction Honda is moving in the direction of maximum return in power — B series, the other direction was moving in the direction of savings for urban car — D series. In just 15 years, according to my calculations, it made about 150 modifications of engines, D series from 1.2 to 1.7 liters, and all of them were produced, and were world.

the First was D15Z1 and its modifications (D15Z2, D15Z3). The engine appeared in 1992. The essence of it was first in a new distributed injection injection (PGM-FI), and secondly, the new system VTEC-E.
16 valve cylinder head worked in 2 modes, up to 2500 rpm only worked 12 flaps: 8 at issue as always, and 4 on the intake, that is, 1 for each of the cylinders. Thus reducing the amount of air supplied to the cylinders. In this mode of operation due to the lambda probe , the ECU brain regulate total quantity of the mixture in the smaller side not obeniu her too much. Thereby reducing the fuel consumption in the city and on the highway until about 6-7 liters. What, then, is a very good result.
When set rpm has been included solenoid valve included all 16 valves, the car is no different in power characteristics from their counterparts.

Cover cylinder head VTEC-E rather rare

Cover cylinder head VTEC-E is quite rare.

as time Went on, the experience of city Honda engines and the VTEC system were saved and grew. With the arrival of the standard Euro-2 (1996), the company had to rework their engines at the lowest cost. It was apparent by more detailed tracking of the mixture — there are two oxygen sensor. And increasing the compression ratio, because with larger LF \"shigemoto the\" fuel increases, and therefore the amount of toxic substances reduced. An example of such work are the engines D14A3 and D14Z2, 1996, and 1999 release, the only difference is the extra oxygen and increased LF from 9.2 to 9.7 in principle, been given a chance to move to a more high-octane gasoline.

the result of the work was engine D15Z6 has become the Lean Burn with the Honda engine! He had several advantages. Old casting P07 cylinder head with a combustion chamber 25.30 cc was replaced with a new P2M 32.80 cc, on the one hand the compression ratio decreased, but the very architecture of the cylinder head was a redesigned to improve the combustibility of fuel. Now the mixture was concentrated closer to the center of the combustion chamber. Let me remind you that the most common casting P08 D16Z6 combustion chamber was more — 34.60 cc.
The second factor is a new PGM-FI OBDII diagnostic, the system worked with 2 lambdas heated providing maximum control over the mixture and the catalyst.
Well third of course he is VTEC-E, the camshaft was optimized for economical work in the city and on the highway with 12 valves providing flow rates up to 5 liters per 100km, in 1996.

the difference in the combustion chambers of cylinder head d16z6, d16y8, d15z1, d15z6

the difference in the combustion chambers of cylinder head d16z6, d16y8, d15z1, d15z6


I know, where is the trick?

Casting cylinder head P2M was so successful that it was used in many engines without modification, for example D16Y8. Engine D15Z6 had a capacity of 115лс with a compression ratio of 9.6. Camshaft — thats where the key idea.
We give a table of comparison of the magnitude of the lifting Cam (Lobe Lift) for different engines:

  • D14Z2 — 34.848 mm in all range of RPM
  • the
  • D16Z6 — 28.5 (0-4500,16 v) . 44.0 (4500>9000, VTEC 16v)
  • the
  • D16Y8 — 36.7(0-5600,16 v). 38.2 (5600>9000, VTEC 16v)
  • the
  • D15Z6 (D16Y5) — 32.292 (0-2500, 12v). 38.427 (2500>9000 VTEC)
Camshaft and Cams D15Z6

the D15Z6 Cam and Cams

once more the view of the table. If we consider VTEC in simple language, for instance D16Y8 has two modes, normal and aggressive. D15Z6 is the economical and aggro. Yes! the not normal, namely aggressive! VTEC-E D15Z6 and D16Y5, on the mechanics of better choice the majority of Honda tuners in town! Unfortunately I realized this a little late, although Dodo talked about this back in 2007 year.
\nJudge for yourself. On the highway and the city you are driving economically, it is necessary to press on the pedal and all 16 valves are working at capacity. You ask \"Why has 115лс D15Z6 and D15B VTEC 125?\", in the beginning, I wrote that there were two directions of development — power and economy. Its all in the brain, if the mechanics of the VTEC-E is steeper, the brain inherent austerity program. But what is it to rebuild?



100 forces per liter, this slogan did not give rest to the instigator of the subjects D14 — Dodo Bizar. He haunted why B16A2 which is more D14 only 200 cups has preponderance of power 85 HP (160 and 75)! The first its a good experience was it D15Z6 in 2007 year, then the result is 150.3 bhp. with No turbines and additional rework. Was replaced by brain P2Y OBD1 P28 and programmed. What is the result? In the first mode, with 12 valves was received a higher torque at the start. I think everyone knows that story about what if you put at the start of the 8 and 16 valve engines, the valve 8 will be ahead of the game. In the second mode, Dodo has set up mix in different modes and went from economy to normal furnace fuel. 150лс. After this was already built the first D14A3 with 140 HP respectively.

the Difference between 8 and 16 valve engines, the benefits of VTEC-E

unlike the 8 and 16 valve engines, the advantages of the VTEC-E

In Russia, there is a very competent man named Dima, who independently conducted similar experience. In Russia, the D15Z6 has been replaced by the release, and the intake manifold and the cylinder head itself was exposed to the ports. When maximum relief Civic, D15Z6 vegetable would give kicks B16A2. Again, almost in the runoff. And Yes, the B16A2 was not ostannim, killed and so on. And this is considering that the car with the purchase was slightly more expensive 3500$ and was in a sad state. Later polutoralitrovyh the motor was a little turbo on stock bottom and strengthened. Unfortunately the latest results of the reliability is not certain but is probably about 200лс.
In General knowledge is very important— to collect pieces of iron in one pile will be able to almost everyone, and to know the mechanism to get the efficiency you need to be able. of All in the mind.


PS D15Z1

If you choose find cheap D15Z1 and to repeat the experience, then I have to disappoint you. The first cylinder head VTEC-E is not controlled dinosaurs compare with the D15Z6 (D16Y5 1 1) so if you do it with normal parts. Combustion chamber though gives a great compression ratio, but its shape is just not suitable for boost in stock form. Channels intake and exhaust saujani very much, so you need to do ports channels at least to the size of a D16Z6. Project D14 VTEC-E is under construction (March 2014). The results of course will be a separate article.

Ports of channels to the size of the D15Z1 D16Z6

the Ports of the channels to the size of the D15Z1 D16Z6

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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