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the VTEC System — The Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control, electronically controlled system phase of the valve, its presence is caused by engine model, namely the model of the cylinder head, the solenoids of the oil supply and control unit ECU engines with distributed injection. The lower image shows the location on the cylinder head, where are the VTEC solenoids, responsible for the inclusion of a rocker with a big move. The second picture shows, where is the VTEC — barrel solenoid suggests that the engine has VTEC. There are varieties of single-shaft SOHC VTEC system, unfortunately, the second system DOHC VTEC is not installed on the motors D series D14, D15, D16. The resistance of the solenoid valve VTEC 14-30ом at 12 Volts.

the VTEC Solenoid parsed

View of the solenoid of the VTEC system dostajemy

the location of the VTEC solenoid under the hood

the location of the solenoid on the cylinder head unit Honda Civic


What is VTEC how VTEC works, the meaning of the system

Simply, the electronically controlled system phase of the valves, or just VTEC. it is enough to understand a few basics of why it is needed and everything will fall into its place. The usual 4 stroke engine, pulls air from the atmosphere at a pressure of 1 bar, ie approximately 760ммрт (So this is 1 atmosphere or 101кПа). With increasing speed increases the velocity of the movement of the piston. At low revs the piston sucks the air maximum pure as possible, ie the piston is slowly sinking zasypaet volume davanjem 1 atmosphere. With increasing piston speed, the pressure decreases, maybe already not enough time to air under normal conditions. You probably have seen graphs from the dyno where peak power about 5000-6000 rpm, and then the line power is dropping. This is because the engine cant suck in air anymore, he is so thin (ie the air molecules a little) what should be difficult to spin the engine. Many solutions, to remove air resistance by setting a null filter, cold intake, increase the diameter of Drosera, porting the channels of the inlet or pumping air under davanjem. But Honda came up with a way. At the critical point of achieving motor power (about 5500 rpm), turn on the VTEC system on the intake valves that holds the valve open a little longer than usual, giving more time to \"SOS\" air. now the dead point is shifted in the range of 7000.
Any work on the intake system of the ports gives extra power at the top but it may take away points for traction on the bottoms, as the time as well shifting to more vyskokim rpm before which have yet to unleash the engine air very much. what to do? choke the engine on the lower umenshit transmittance of air to primerno reducing the diameter of the throttle. You may have heard that the 8 valve engine in the lower has a greater potential than the 16 valve. This is the same thing. Honda engineers have devised a system of ECO-VTEC, which not just save fuel but also to \"strangle\" the engine up to 2500 rpm (approximately) to get maximum traction, with just 12 valves.
In sum, it turns out that in VTEC 3-Stage, the lower classes seadusena and have a good time, then work in normal 16 valve mode, and activating at high rpm VTEC already so that the air hit more. Thats all you need to know from the basics in VTEC.


working Principle VTEC

Ill Show an example of the most famous and simple animations explaining the principle of operation of VTEC. The pressure of oil in the engine and also to achieve speed, usually 5500 RPM due to solenoid VTEC opens the valve that feeds oil to the timing system.

Animation work on and off VTEC

an Animated demonstration of the operation of the VTEC system

Oil pressure pushes the \"latch\" rockers which locks the main and secondary rocker. Now the valves open deeper — longer. At the same moment in the engine control unit brain ECU switch the fuel maps and ignition maps. Due to the enriched mixture and a longer opening of the valves appears more powerful impetus for pushing the piston.

diagram of the blocking rocker

the principle of the inclusion of the VTEC rocker


Duration of opening of valve VTEC

As you know, the duration of the open valve VTEC depends on the engine speed RPM. Approximately 5,500 rpm activated VTEC at 4600 (approximately) VTEC shuts off. Automatic box up to 4 transmit enable VTEC is not more than 5 seconds, the system is automated and when you reach the revs and speed shifts, and thus resets the RPM values. At the time of the VTEC system is only a few seconds but they give a real gain. Flowed not included on netrake, and Parking mode in the machine and warfare.


VTEC 3-Stage: what it is

Finally, I will talk about the VTEC system is a 3-Stage (3 stage). This system is installed as in the cylinder head, were installed after 1996. Has 2 solenoid. 12вольтами is controlled, when the flow opens the valve in the oil supply, if there is certainly oil pressure. Was put on the JDM motor D15B, SOHC single-shaft, and of course not a B series. The thing is quite interesting and in demand. Has 3 stages, combines all modes of all kinds of SOHC D series.\nThe ECU was of several types, but only OBD2 series, below is a list of all ECU p2j 3-Stage

  • OBD2A 37820-P2J-J62 Variator
  • the
  • OBD2A 37820-P2J-J63 Variator
  • the
  • OBD2A 37820-P2J-J61 Variator
  • the
  • OBD2A 37820-P2J-003 Mechanics
  • the
  • OBD2B 37820-P2J-J11 Mechanics
  • the
  • OBD2B 37820-P2J-J81 from the CVT Vi-RS
  • the
  • OBD2B 37820-P2J-J71 Variator

VTEC 3-Stage: Automatic

the 6 Pokolenie, which went 3-Stage VTEC was only picking with mechanical and variable speed transmission. But in the 7th generation from 2001 to 2003, the 1.6 engines are so well established head P2J (PLL), and managed accordingly by the brain 37820-PLL-D52. The motor is 3-Stage VTEC D16W9 was called and had a capacity of 130лсю


VTEC 3-Stage: the principle of operation

How does VTEC 3-Stage, first stage starts from 0 RPM and ends at 4000 RPM. in this stage cylinder head operates like VTEC-E. Running only 12 valves. each cylinder has two exhaust valves but only one intake. This allows you to make economical and smooth acceleration.
The next stage is to work all 16 valves. Turn on the first VTEC solenoid. Normal mode runs from 4000 to 6000
The third stage turns on the second valve, intake valve open for a longer period that allows you to give more of the fuel mixture. Work from 6000 and to the end point of the work
Turns off the whole system in reverse order, first the 2nd solenoid, then the solenoid 1.


Time to work

Now that you know how VTEC works its time to put on your D14A3 D14A4 or offer vospolzovalsya a translation of the article DoDo Joris, which I used, or use my article about installing a VTEC. Anyway, good luck in your experiments.

Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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