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How to open a door Honda Civic? How is it possible to open the door or get inside the car at all. The simple answer, take the key and open. Captain obvious, always tells the truth. I hope that this article you read as not once in this delicate problem and I hope that you will open your car, and your Honda Civic. Below I have provided a few ways to break into the car and opening the door. Your car is closed, the keys are inside — read the solution below if you know of anything else please add.


is a Duplicate of the key or key FOB

The most humane, to leave the car keys with a trusted person, and to run home for a spare key or a keychain. Do not leave the car with the keys inside, even for a second, one of the options that you cant open the car can be the interception of the signal the FOB and as soon as you can get from the car — you lose the bet. With the help of duplicate key or duplicate key FOB you can open the car and get inside.

Way of opening a car door by means of a loop

the Way of opening car doors with a loop


is the pulling away of the door

This method is almost not traumatic but it requires skill. You need the drivers door, a long wire, flat blade screwdriver, a rag. Using a rag, to avoid scratching the coating with a screwdriver bent a little door in the center of the rack. Through obrazovavshuyusya slit pokes a loop of wire and jumped on the lever to open trunk. Pry off the drivers door you can open the car and get inside.


Vandalism glass

With a quick but painful, from the wallet of the car owner, it is the breaking of the arrow in the car. Due to the fact that glass tempered, after breaking the pieces at 3-5mm will be a long time lie in the interior of the car. Generally sought the most invaluable element usually it is a triangular glass passenger or driver. The cost is lower than glass in the doors. We have the same Honda Civic will have to beat the glass of the rear side. It is cheaper and less necessary than the drivers window. Believe me to drive without the driver window is very bad, especially in rainy weather. Should immediately seek about$ 150 for the purchase and installation of glass, time, and place. Breaking the glass in the car you will be able to get inside.

the Way of penetration into the vehicle through the trunk, breaking the lock cylinder

Method of penetration into the vehicle through the trunk, breaking the lock cylinder


cylinder locks

If licence in place, and we have 3 to choose one of them to turn out. I propose to break the lock cylinder of the trunk, it is usually not visible under the number, and what time you will be able to do without its replacement. In a pinch you can just then something close to zashpatlevat and shaded from prying eyes. This is the least painful option. It is desirable to have shirokomu a powerful screwdriver or the head and good arm. Licnse removing the trunk lock you will be able to get inside the car.

how to open bonnet Honda Civic

the method to open the bonnet Honda Civic


cylinder locks otsutstvuet, go to the bumper

I often saw that for example in the winter, the boys were jumping around the car in which the battery is dead larvae on the door was missing, and the recess in the trunk with the larva Savarona. There are two ways. the First way domcratic the front of the car, and through the bottom of the bumper to try to reach the cable of the hood, be careful that the car does not came off the Elevator. the Second way to pull out the grill rack where there is a Honda icon, so you get to the hood. After opening hood you will be able to recharge the battery, and open the car.\nOpen the hood, youll be able to get in the car.

a Line as in the movie

Line in the film


Open door with a line or hook

I very much hope that this method will be useful for only the owners of the Civic, and the method will not be used. The Civic door locks can be opened using the rods, a large part of the rods located on the side of the cabin, but at a distance of 20-30cm from the castle is \"moving\" rod in the inner part of the door, if through the bottom rubber band of the glass, stick a ruler flat hook and pull the second rod (bottom) that opens the door lock. Follow the arrows in the illustration to understand the process.


untested method

When you turn the key in the driver door lock, closes the door end. Signal through the relay, 12 volts goes to the second door where there is a solenoid that is responsible for opening and closing the door. Memory can not remember, but like if you bend a locker (protection), the right front wheel, the scythe will be available the door. In this spit wires from the solenoid and the control window. You can either open the window or the door, when power is supplied 12 volts.


How to protect yourself if the car can not open?

First watch how it works your battery, if you cant listen to music to raise and lower the window without the car wasnt opened, or just bad you start, it is the signs that the batterys dead. Normal battery life is 3-4 years. My Medalist lived 6 years, last 2 years he really suffered, but in -30 it wouldnt start.
Make a duplicate key or a keychain, and keep it at home to you at the closing of the car brought.
If you are a lover of all brewing, print directly from plus battery wire, rather thick, very good satellite and hide it somewhere under the wing for a bunch of clamps. In which case you are because of him and mass on the car body, will be able to apply power to the machine and at least otkat the door.
Well, if you are a lover and need a new device, like the onboard computer, sensors, music always follow the leak, do not allow the devices to operate and consume at least some power until the machine has places for, potaotes about the fuses on the new technology.
In the end, your car need to know. You can simulate the situation and try to \"not a vandal\" methods at your own risk. But I hope that you will not fall into such a situation.


Случайная статья узнай что то новое

Данная статья актуальна для автомобилей Honda выпуска 1992-2000 годов, таких как Civic EJ9, Civic EK3, CIVIC EK2, CIVIC EK4 и CIVIC FERIO (частично). Информация будет актуальна для владельцев Honda Integra в кузовах DB6, DC1, с моторами ZC, D15B, D16A.

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